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T.O.W. 11

Infographics are computer-generated artwork used to display statistics in the form of tables and charts.  Using them for my client can keep them up to date with a certain issue.  My client needs to be on top of their game all the time including knowing any information or stats pertain them.


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T.O.W. 9 & 10 – PR Open Mic

PR Open Mic is a great site for PR students because it offers resources that improve a PR student’s education and skill.  It has a feel a Facebook, specifically geared toward people who are in the Public Relation field.  You friend request, add pictures, add music, and statuses.  It also has News updates of various topics on the home page.

The website also offers:

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T.O.W. 3 – Effective Comment

Doesn’t it bother you when someone jumps into a conversation with dumb response or a comment that just doesn’t make sense at all?!  The same thing can be applied to commenting on blogs.  Usually responding to someone’s blog according to the topic is helpful and can stir up good conversation. Even adding advice can add some flavor to the comments.

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T.O.W. Two – Grammar Girl

I took a look at Grammar Girl’s website specifically at the “Stacked Modifiers” blog.  I learned that  using a hyphen in double or triple modifiers such as (man-eating lion) gives clarity in the sentence.   When joining words together, is called a phrasal adjective i.e. credit-card statement.  Now using hyphens to link up a bunch of words will not clear up a sentence.  Linking about three words will suffice, and taking away some words can make a sentence more easy reading.

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The Lead Lab

The Lead Lab was quite interesting and showed me a few new pointers such as how to write better leads, getting current and correct information, more information about AP style, the various lead types, and different myths.  I learned a lot doing the attempted suicide report because it felt like I was actually there taking the notes and doing the phone interview.  I would recommend this course to anybody interested in learning more about writing in PR, journalism field.

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T.O.W. – Week 6 – What Makes stories Newsworthy?

In today’s world, people are constantly looking for updated software, clothing, or an advanced way to doing or handling various techniques, objects, people, or skills.  Especially with the 3G and 4G networks, iPhones, iPads, newer MAC computers, HDTV, Blu-ray, 3-D TV, etc., this generation loves everything relevant and updated, including the news.  We always here a bunch of stories that sound good or interesting, but there are five components that makes stories newsworthy.

  1.  Timeliness: the word news has the “new”  in it, which says it for itself.  News has to be NEW,  and current.  If it happened today then it’ll work, but if the same thing happened last week, it can become very boring and mundane.
  2. Significance: a story has affect a number of people to have any impact such as the earthquake in Haiti affected millions of people because of the migrated Haitians in American and in the other Caribbean countries who have family there, churches that have missionaries planting churches, and other businesses that are affiliated with the country.
  3. Proximity: Stories that happen near us are more significant.
  4. Prominence: Celebrities, politicians, or anyone famous get more coverage just because they are famous such as Barbara Bush going into the hospital compared to the thousands of people that go to the hospital everyday.
  5. Human Interest:  these stories are different because they ignore the other rules, but play off of human emotions to get the story across.

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Tweet Tweet Twitter!

Well, let me start to say I am a very nosy person or I enjoy knowing random interesting information about anything or anybody.  So using Twitter has helped me stay on top of my game with news, friends, and random people.  Sometimes it can get a little annoying reading dumb tweets but, it shows a different side of people.  I was able to converse with some friends I haven’t spoken to in a couple of years.  Even the lingo on Twitter is different, especially with replying to other people.  Twitter is similar to text lingo though because people tweet almost as if they are texting.  Speaking of texting, I really enjoy Tweeting through text message and subscribing to certain people.  Now, what gets me about subscribing to certain people is they can tweet all day and about random, dumb stuff, and that makes your phone go off all day and all night! Goodness…. that can be irritating.  So I don’t pay attention to certain people Twitter just because of the irrelevant Tweets.  Another aspect about Twitter are the various group that you can be apart of.  There is another university that has a Twitter group bashing one of their staff members.  The group is small, but they are causing some confusion on their campus because of their Tweets.  So, my plan to join the group and to state my very strong opinions about their way of thinking and method of challenging their authorities.  I believe that is rude and immature to bash a spiritual leader over internet.  At the end of the day, Twitter has become a social revolution that has knocked MySpace out of the competion and giving Facebook a run for its money.  I wonder what’s next after Twitter? http://twitter.com/DJHughes09

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SuperBowl 2010 – Doritos!

Well, I actually watched the Super Bowl only for the National Anthem, the half-time show, and the commercials.  It was announced in SEU chapel that Erwin McManus ministry had an oppotunity to place their Doritos commercial for the Super Bowl.  Their commercial was kinda funny with the funeral scene and the supposedly dead man eating Doritos and watching a game in the casket.  Suddenly, by the power of the Doritos, he is risen as he tumbles out of the casket full of a life supply of Doritos.  Great job Erwin!!!!!!!!

My favorite Doritos commercial was about the black guy meeting his date at her house.  As he meets he young child, he decides to grab a Doritos chip.  WHAT?! A grown man was pimped slapped by a little kid! LOL! I bet he learned his lesson.  Don’t touch his Doritos and don’t touch his Mama.

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AP Style Book & News University

  • This book has been extremely helpful in answering many questions about abbreviations, dates and months, addresses, compositions, names, titles, etc.  I had a few questions myself about a few AP topics, and AP Boot camp really helped finding the answers and learning a few new rules shed some light about this style. 
  • News University was quite enjoyable to go through a quick course of AP style with small nuggets and clues to remember rules about writing.  Writing is so vital and important in our world, and writing effectively where it can be used for God’s kingdom is even better.   The quiz at the beginning allowed me to see how much knowledge I have and needed to gain pertain to  AP style.   NEWS UNIVERSITY!

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