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You think you're in control of your life, but God actually has total Reign. So relax, life will be taken care of since we aren't in control.

Chapter 9 Notes

The broadcast media are important channels of communication, but using them requires thinking in terms of sound and visual elements.  Radio releases are similar to press releases, but they require more concise writing and a conversational tone. 

Audio news release (ANRs) are more interesting because they include soundbites, music, and sound effects.

Public service announcement (PSAs) are short broadcast announcements used by non-profit groups and public agencies.

Radio media tours (RMTs) are ca cost-effective way to reach many stations with as exclusive interview over a wide geographic area.

Television is an excellent way to communicate because it combines the elements of sight, sound, motion, and color.  T.V. news releases must obtain sound and visual elements such as graphics, slides, or videotape.


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