Darius Hughes

You think you're in control of your life, but God actually has total Reign. So relax, life will be taken care of since we aren't in control.

Chapter 15 Notes

Writing  and giving speeches are outstanding public relations opportunities for organization to increase their visibility and reach key publics.  Speechwriting requires clear objectives, effective organization of relevant key messages, knowledge of audience, and a close working relationship with the person who will be giving the speech.

A speech is a powerful communication tool.  It must be prepared for listeners, not readers. It must fit the audience, be specific, get a reaction, have a definite objective, and be timely.  Nonverbal communication is important in a speech.  Speakers should be enthusiastic, make eye contact with the audience, and use gestures that support their words.  The recommended length of a speech at a luncheon or dinner meeting is 20 minutes.  Such a speech would be 10 pages, double-spaced.  Speeches should have one to three key messages.


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