Darius Hughes

You think you're in control of your life, but God actually has total Reign. So relax, life will be taken care of since we aren't in control.

Chapter 14 Notes

Information overload is pervasive in our society.  You can help reduce clutter by keeping your message simple, short, and to the point.  In addition, limit messages to only those who are in your key audiences.  Don’t shotgun information to the entire planet.

E-mail bulge is overwhelming many organizations and individuals.  Use wikis, text messaging, RSS, and applications such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. to reduce flow.  E-mail is rapid and cost efficient.  It is not, however, a substitute for personal one-on-one communication.  It is less formal than a letter, but more formal than a telephone call.  YOu can increase the effectiveness of your e-mail messages by (1) providing key information in the subject line, (2) keeping them to 25 lines or less, and using (3) using proper grammar, and punctuation.


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