Darius Hughes

You think you're in control of your life, but God actually has total Reign. So relax, life will be taken care of since we aren't in control.

Chapter 12 Notes

The worldwide adoption of the Internet and the World WIde Wed ahs taken less time than the adoption of any other mass medium in history.  The World Wide Web is the first medium tha allows organizations to send controlled messages to a mass audience without the message being filtered by journalists and editors.  Before the Wb, the placement of advertising in the mass media was the only method by which the organization controlled the message.

Public relations practitioners are heavy users of the Internet and the Web,  They disseminate information to variety of audiences an also use the Internet for research.  The new media, including the Web, has unique characteristics.  This includes (1) easy updating of material, (2) instant distribution of information, (3) an infinite amount of space for information, and (4) the ability to interact with the audience.


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