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Chapter 15 Notes

Writing  and giving speeches are outstanding public relations opportunities for organization to increase their visibility and reach key publics.  Speechwriting requires clear objectives, effective organization of relevant key messages, knowledge of audience, and a close working relationship with the person who will be giving the speech.

A speech is a powerful communication tool.  It must be prepared for listeners, not readers. It must fit the audience, be specific, get a reaction, have a definite objective, and be timely.  Nonverbal communication is important in a speech.  Speakers should be enthusiastic, make eye contact with the audience, and use gestures that support their words.  The recommended length of a speech at a luncheon or dinner meeting is 20 minutes.  Such a speech would be 10 pages, double-spaced.  Speeches should have one to three key messages.


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Chapter 14 Notes

Information overload is pervasive in our society.  You can help reduce clutter by keeping your message simple, short, and to the point.  In addition, limit messages to only those who are in your key audiences.  Don’t shotgun information to the entire planet.

E-mail bulge is overwhelming many organizations and individuals.  Use wikis, text messaging, RSS, and applications such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. to reduce flow.  E-mail is rapid and cost efficient.  It is not, however, a substitute for personal one-on-one communication.  It is less formal than a letter, but more formal than a telephone call.  YOu can increase the effectiveness of your e-mail messages by (1) providing key information in the subject line, (2) keeping them to 25 lines or less, and using (3) using proper grammar, and punctuation.

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Chapter 13 Notes

Printed materials, such as newsletters, magazines, and brochures, are still important communication channels in the Internet age.  Two strengths of print publications are that they can feature in-depth storied and they can reflect the face of the organization.  Other strengths include portability and an extended shelf-life.

An editor must balance management expectations, employees needs, and journalistic standards.  A publication’s format and content should reflect the organization’s’ culture goals, and objectives.  Every publications should have an overall mission statement.

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Chapter 12 Notes

The worldwide adoption of the Internet and the World WIde Wed ahs taken less time than the adoption of any other mass medium in history.  The World Wide Web is the first medium tha allows organizations to send controlled messages to a mass audience without the message being filtered by journalists and editors.  Before the Wb, the placement of advertising in the mass media was the only method by which the organization controlled the message.

Public relations practitioners are heavy users of the Internet and the Web,  They disseminate information to variety of audiences an also use the Internet for research.  The new media, including the Web, has unique characteristics.  This includes (1) easy updating of material, (2) instant distribution of information, (3) an infinite amount of space for information, and (4) the ability to interact with the audience.

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Chapter 11 Notes

Journalist depend on public relations sources for receiving most of their information; public relations people rely on the media for widespread distribution of information.  The most common complaints journalist have about public relations people, according to PRWeek survey are (1) lack of familiarity with editorial requirements and formats, (2) poorly written materials, (3) too many unsolicited e-mails and phone calls, (4) lack of knowledge about their product or service, and (5) repeated calls and follow-ups.

There are many guidelines for how to conduct effective media relations.  The bottom line is to be accurate, truthful, and provide outstanding service.

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Chapter 10 Notes

Media directories, whether print, CD-ROM, or online, are essential tools for compiling media lists and distributing information.  Media list and e-mail addresses must be updated and revised on a regular basis; journalist frequently change jobs.  Publicists use editorial calendars to find out what special editions or sections various publications are planning for the year.

The vast majority of news releases and other press materials are now distributed via e-mail and through electronic news wires.  E-mail is now a popular way of communicating with reporters and editors about possible story ideas.  It works best, however, when the publicist and reporter have already established a working relationship.

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Chapter 9 Notes

The broadcast media are important channels of communication, but using them requires thinking in terms of sound and visual elements.  Radio releases are similar to press releases, but they require more concise writing and a conversational tone. 

Audio news release (ANRs) are more interesting because they include soundbites, music, and sound effects.

Public service announcement (PSAs) are short broadcast announcements used by non-profit groups and public agencies.

Radio media tours (RMTs) are ca cost-effective way to reach many stations with as exclusive interview over a wide geographic area.

Television is an excellent way to communicate because it combines the elements of sight, sound, motion, and color.  T.V. news releases must obtain sound and visual elements such as graphics, slides, or videotape.

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T.O.W. 11

Infographics are computer-generated artwork used to display statistics in the form of tables and charts.  Using them for my client can keep them up to date with a certain issue.  My client needs to be on top of their game all the time including knowing any information or stats pertain them.

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