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Chapter 8 Notes – Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

Photos and graphics are important components of news releases and feature stories. They add interest and variety, and they often explain things better than words alone.  Photographs and graphics add appeal and increase media usage of news releases or features.

Digital cameras are now used for publicity photos; such photos can be taken and distributed almost instantly. 

A public relations writer should be familiar with the elements of a good publicity photo: quality, subject matter, composition, action, scale, camera angle, lighting, and color.  Publicity photos should be clear, and high contrast.  The photo should have no more than three or four people in it.  Save the large-group shot for the photo album.

Charts, diagrams, maps, etc., should be simple, colorful, and uncluttered.  Through computer technology, charts can be made more visually attractive.  They are often called “infographics.”  It is also important to keep a well-organized photo and graphics file for reference purposes.  Photos and graphics can be distributed by e-mail, CDs, websites, and electronic news wires.  Never send an attachment (photo or otherwise) to a reporter or editor unless specifically requested to do so.

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