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Chapter 7 Notes – Creating News Features and Op-Ed

Maybe the more effective way to show the value of news feature stories is to contrast them with basic news releases.  A news release emphasizes the timely disclosure of basic information about situations and events.

News features writing requires right-brain thinking: intuition, image-making, and conceptualization.  A feature story can generate publicity for “ho-hum” products and services.  It also can give background, context, and the human dimension to events nad situations.

Features and background stories are part of a trend in the print media to do what is called service journalism – “news you can use.”  Feature writing uses the “soft sell” approach.  The name of the organization, the product, or the service should appear only once or twice.  Stay away from hype and provide editors with information that is factual and informative.

There are four approaches to feature writing: (1) distribute a general feature to a variety of publications; (2) write an exclusive article for a publication; (3) interest a freelancer or reporter in writing a story; and (4) post feature articles on the organization’s website.

There are several types of features: (1) case study; (2) application study; (3) research study; (4) backgrounder; (5)  personality profile; and (6) historical feature.  Features can also be a blend of several types.

Od-ed pieces are an opportunity to portray  the organization and its excessive as ” thought leaders” on a particular subject or issue of current public interest.  Op=eds must feature stong writing, use facts, and be concise, only about 400 to 700 words.

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