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You think you're in control of your life, but God actually has total Reign. So relax, life will be taken care of since we aren't in control.

Tweet Tweet Twitter!

Well, let me start to say I am a very nosy person or I enjoy knowing random interesting information about anything or anybody.  So using Twitter has helped me stay on top of my game with news, friends, and random people.  Sometimes it can get a little annoying reading dumb tweets but, it shows a different side of people.  I was able to converse with some friends I haven’t spoken to in a couple of years.  Even the lingo on Twitter is different, especially with replying to other people.  Twitter is similar to text lingo though because people tweet almost as if they are texting.  Speaking of texting, I really enjoy Tweeting through text message and subscribing to certain people.  Now, what gets me about subscribing to certain people is they can tweet all day and about random, dumb stuff, and that makes your phone go off all day and all night! Goodness…. that can be irritating.  So I don’t pay attention to certain people Twitter just because of the irrelevant Tweets.  Another aspect about Twitter are the various group that you can be apart of.  There is another university that has a Twitter group bashing one of their staff members.  The group is small, but they are causing some confusion on their campus because of their Tweets.  So, my plan to join the group and to state my very strong opinions about their way of thinking and method of challenging their authorities.  I believe that is rude and immature to bash a spiritual leader over internet.  At the end of the day, Twitter has become a social revolution that has knocked MySpace out of the competion and giving Facebook a run for its money.  I wonder what’s next after Twitter? http://twitter.com/DJHughes09


February 23, 2010 - Posted by | T.O.W


  1. Darius,
    I do not know what these people can come up with next. I personally did not like Twitter. Probably because I see enough drama through my friends, I do not need anymore. lol
    I also think it is stalkerish… I am not so fond of updating my status all the time and random strangers can read it to see what I am doing. I do not know, I am more of a Facebook kind of girl. You can speak to people on their wall’s and still read their status updates and the lingo is not nearly as confusing! Also I do not need another addiction in my life like Twitter! lol

    Comment by echertha | April 14, 2010 | Reply

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