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Chapter 3 Notes

Once public relations writer have an understanding of persuasive writing, they must obtain knowledge to do the work within the law (basic legal concepts).  False product claim in any for a media release or unauthorized usage of photos can lead to lawsuits. 

PR personnel must be aware that they can be held legally liable if there is any form of  support of  illegal activity – conspiracy.  Example of conspiracy are as following:

  • Participate in an illegal action such as bribing a government official or conversing up information of vital interest to the public health and safety.
  • Counsel and guide the policy behind an illegal action
  • Take a major personal part in the illegal action
  • Help establish a “front group” whereby the connection to the public relations firm or its clients is kept hidden
  • Cooperate in any other way to further an illegal action

Libel suits can be avoided through the careful use of language – (defamation).  Also, companies cannot assume that a person waives his or her right to privacy due to status as an employee.  It is important ot get permission to publish photos or use employees materials.

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