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2010 Grammys

Last nights Grammys Award show absolutely GRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Beyoncé’s almost trip down the stairs but amazing performance to Pinks wet sheet dance even to a few people I didn’t know, the show was amazing.  Part of the highlights was Jamie Foxx’s performance with T-Pain and his autistic cousin on “Blame It”?!  Jamie Foxx is, of course, an amazing artist, actor, etc. what was interesting was that he brought his cousin on stage with him to perform.  She crumped, matrixxed, and just  worked that stage with Jamie Foxx.  I received a few phone calls asking if that was autistic cousin that has also been in a few videos as well.  None the less, a great performance.  Maxwell also came out and did a smashing performance of my favorite song “Pretty Wings” as the graceful and beautiful Roberta Flack joined him to do one of her classics.  What did you think about the Grammys? What?! No Kanye as Taylor Swift won Album of the Year?! Oh Well…. LOL!


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  1. looking at this blog about the Grammys is really good. The Jamie Foxx performance was done well, but in my oppinion the top performers of the night were definitely pink and lady gaga. Album of the year rewarded to Taylor Swift, OMG your so right, where was Kanye when he was needed. I felt like they are still having sympathy for this poor girl, the sympathy need to end!! Lady Gaga was most definitely deserving of this award for album of the year but that’s a different conversation. Overall the Grammys were great and I was pleased with them this year. Cant wait until next year.

    Comment by gilboy629 | March 21, 2010 | Reply

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