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Chapter 1 Notes – Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis Wilcox


This chapter begins to explain the details of PR Writing where writing is only one component.  There is much preparation:

  •  research, planning, communication, and evaluation. 
  • Strategy are statements of direction – tactics.
  1. There are writers as Communication technicians
  • They fulfill the “technicians” roles by producing news releases, formulating the feature stories, and contacting the TV producers to make a “pitch” for the company’s spokesperson to appear as a guest.
  • The role of writer and technician is the standard entry-level position in public relations.  Some have become experts in this field.
  • The concept of PR roles is the result of research by Prof. Broom and Dozier @ San Diego State University: (1) the expert prescriber – consultants to top management for strategic planning, (2) the communication facilitator – primarily the liason  between the organization and its public, (3) the problem-solving facilitator –  works with management to solve current problems in a process-oriented way, and (4) the communication technician – practitioners who provide technical services such as news release writing, event planning, and graphic design.

    2.    The Public Relations Writer

Even though public relations and journalist share common characteristics in their approach to writing, public relations writer differs in objectives, audiences, and channels.

   3.    Preparation for Writing

  • It is a need for the PR writing to have the proper workspace which should include a computer, printer, internet access, and a reference library. 
  • It is also necessary to stay on top of current events and trends by reading various news papers and magazines
  • Research is the first step to writing, and there could be times when the fact are not at hand reach.   Using search engines, and electronic databases in an option.
  • The writer should make sure that they outline the purpose of the material to be most effective in targeting the topic to the proper audience, and making sure they vocabulary is not too difficult for the readers.

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